Using Your Firearms Safely: Hearing Loss & How To Prevent It

Using Your Firearms Safely: Hearing Loss & How To Prevent It

Owning a firearm is a serious matter. Not only do you have to maintain it so that it works properly, but you must also protect yourself from the weapon as well. It's a common mistake for novice shooters to fire their weapons without some sort of hearing protection.

We'll help you by giving you in-depth information about the consequences of shooting without protection. Users who use ear protection have better firing rates, more accuracy, and can use weapons without experiencing hearing loss. Keep this guide in mind the next time you go to the shooting range.

What Is Hearing Damage?

Hearing damage, also known as hearing impairment is the partial or complete inability to hear. A deaf person loses half to 100% of their hearing. Shooting guns without proper ear protection is a one of the leading cause of hearing loss and complete deafness.

Gun Sounds  How Loud Is it

Since hearing damage is untreatable, the best way to stop it is through prevention. If you've already experienced hearing loss, there are ways to communicate and connect with your friends and family.

What Is The Difference Between Cumulative And Permanent Hearing Loss?

Cumulative hearing loss occurs not only through aging, but excessive loud sounds that occur in the workplace. On average, sounds have to be up to 85 dB or higher to cause cumulative hearing loss.

All forms of noise-induced damage such as tinnitus or hair cells injury tend to damage your hearing over time. If you cause a small amount of damage on the ears, they'll continually accumulate until the effects are disruptive and noticeable.

Hearing Loss When Does it Occur

As its name suggests, permanent hearing loss is irreversible and occurs during extremely loud sounds. It would take at least 140 dB, which is the sound of a loud explosion to damage your ears permanently.

Despite both of their differences, hearing loss can be easily avoided. If you're sure that you're going to be in an area where loud sounds are present, you're better off wearing some sort of ear protection.

How Can Shooting Without Ear Protection Damage Your Hearing?

Usually, firearm owners are more exposed to hearing damage than those who don't. Your left ear is more likely to become damaged than your right ear. This is because most right-hand shooters have the muzzle of the gun close to their ears. 

Extra attachments such as a muzzle brake can increase the sound of your firearm. People who fire without ear protection can receive permanent hearing damage in one single shot.

muzzle brake reduce noise

Because of this, we suggest that you have hearing protection. A good pair of earmuffs or noise cancellation headphones can be used to reduce the decibels when firing a shot. As a result, it keeps your ears functioning properly.


All in all, you need to stay safe when using a firearm. While they are deadly, they can also harm you in the process. Shooting with ear protection is the way to go as it helps users fire safely without experiencing any damage to their hearing capabilities.

Basically, ear protection is needed every time that you plan on using a firearm. This protection will reduce the loud sound decibels from the weapon and keep you safe. Conclusively, practice safety with your firearms to save your ears from long-term damage.

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