Pro For Sho Ear Muffs Review

Pro For Sho Ear Muffs Review

Without ear protection, a single gunshot can damage your ears. The noise levels from the average handgun are equal to 140 dB. Constant exposure to anything that's over 90 dB will lead to temporary to permanent hearing loss. That's why you need to invest in the best hearing protection possible. 

Ear muffs aren't useful for just shooters. Noise reducing earmuffs are useful for daily tasks such as operating your lawn mower. Knowing this, you may want consider the Pro For Sho 34 dB NRR Earmuffs.



  • Great noise reduction rating 
  • Affordable price
  • ​Light and compact (7.4 ounces)
  • Foldable for convenient storage
  • You can hold a conversation even if you have the ear muffs on
  • Headband has few adjustment options
  • Some find the fit too snug

Key Features

  • ​These earmuffs are one of the highest levels of noise reduction you can find.
  • They have an outstanding 34dB 
  • They are lighter than most of its competitors weighing only 7.2 ounces.
  • They have a slim profile and they fold easily for easy transport.
  • These muffs have a padded headband for comfort.
  • Product dimensions: 4.8 x 4.1 x 4.7. 
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Performance ​

The Pro For Sho Ear Muffs offers the highest level of noise cancellation. Hence, it has over 34dB of sound protection, which is great when firing your weapons at a gun range. So, these earmuffs block out more noise but since they are passive muffs, you can still hear others talk around you.

A Noise Reduction Rating of 34 dB is higher than most competing devices which tend to have their rating at 22 dB. Buying these earmuffs ensure that you'll be able to shoot effectively without damaging your ears. In addition, If you need extra sound protection, these earmuffs even allow you to add earplugs in your ear.

Design and Fit​

For users who have tried other earmuff brands, you are well aware that the weight of an earmuff is an important factor. The Pro For Sho Ear Muffs has a slim profile and weighs less than a pound. This means that these muffs are lighter than many of the competing devices.

These ear muffs feature a compact design. They bend without effort conveniently into a small ball. This makes them easy to transport or place in a shooting bag.

Shooters and others who wear eye protection or glasses will like this product. The Pro For Sho Ear Muffs are designed to accommodate for this. The ear muffs consist of memory foam padding. This ensures that the user can comfortably wear eye protection while using this product . 

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Earmuff Type

The Pro For Sho Ear muffs are passive earmuffs. Passive earmuffs are simple instruments that are used to remove extremely loud sounds from the user's ears quickly. Their main purpose is to protect your ears and overall hearing. Passive earmuffs can be inexpensive, slim, soft, or a mixture of all three.

​Users who buy passive earmuffs like them because of their simplicity. Unlike electric earmuffs, they don't amplify or entertain any extra sound frequencies. 

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Final Thoughts

Noise reducing and noise cancellation headphones are needed if you're partaking in loud activities such as rock concerts and firing at a gun range. They reduce the sound effectively and keeps the user's ears protected.

Because of this, the Pro For Sho Earmuffs is a necessity for shooters, equipment operators or if you are operating equipment at home. With 34 dB of sound reduction, you should feel comfortable knowing your ears are protected. Since these muffs are passive, not battery-operated or noise-cancelling, they are ready to use. 

To conclude, buying these headphones will help reduce your risk for hearing loss. They are simple to utilize, comfortable  and a good product for the price!

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