Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs Review

Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs Review

Noise is never good for you when it’s too much. If you’ve ever been to a concert and stayed very close to the speakers, you are probably familiar with the “deafness” you endure the next day.  You basically find yourself screaming or you have to ask others to shout in order to hear anything.

In the beginning, you’d probably brush it off and say that it would pass. However, if you’re exposed to loud noises for a longer time, then it may actually become dangerous to the point that it causes permanent hearing impairment. This is usually the case if you work constantly on construction sites or shooting ranges.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs Review

To prevent any problems from occurring, a solution would be to use a good set of ear muffs to dampen the sound – and according to many happy customers, a good option would be the "Impact Sport" by Howard Leight

About The Product

When it comes to noise reduction, this item is typically at the top of the list. Whereas most earmuffs can reduce around 20-25 dB  from the environment, this one can go as far as 30 dB – which is pretty convenient if you are working in extremely noisy surroundings.

Considering the price that you pay for them, these ear muffs have some fairly good specifications. Here’s what you get:

  • Built-in directional microphones that bring ambient (conversational) sound to a very safe 82 dB
  • Active-listening mode detects when a sound goes past 82 dB and shuts down the sound amplification
  • Low-profile ear cups provide stock clearance
  • Headband is adjustable and allows for a better fit
  • Automatically shuts off after 4 hours
Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs Review

These ear muffs were made to be convenient. Since they aren’t very bulky, they may be folded and placed in your bag. Weighing only 15 ounces, they are lightweight and can easily be taken everywhere you go.

Since the headband is padded, they are very comfortable. Also, they are a “one-size-fits-all,” so they should fit you even if you are a big-headed man or a small-headed child.

The Results

I bought these ear muffs when I first picked up shooting. I was aware that I would need some kind of protection if I continued the sport. 

At first, I didn't know better, so I bought some cheap no-name muffs, which I thought would do the job – but left my ears ringing as if the bells of St. Mary were having a party in my head.

After that, I found the Howard Leight ear muffs and decided to give them a try. I found that they had one directional mike in each ear: one that would allow you to hear people talking around you and one that would mute any sound that goes past 82 decibels.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs Review

This means that if your friend made a spectacular shot, you wouldn’t have to scream your lungs out to tell them that; you could carry a normal conversation, without the risk of hurting your ear drums.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that you can connect them to your iPod through the standard RCA jack. I’m a real music lover, to the point where I can’t do anything if I don’t have something playing in the background – so the fact that I can convert this in a set of headphones is great for me.

The price is also difficult to beat. Typically around $45, these are even comfier and more efficient than my first earmuff purchase which I also paid more for. They are also very durable; I have been using them for quite a while and they still look and function as good as new. 

What Others Say

As I have read through different reviews, I found that most people have the same opinion as I do. Mostly, everyone loves them for the fact that they are very comfortable – and considering all that padding, I’m not even surprised.

There have been complaints that they are more suitable for outdoor shooting than for indoor shooting since the closed-quarters would make the sound too loud.

I can’t really confirm that, since I only used them outdoors, and they worked completely fine for me.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs Review

What We Liked

If I go shooting with someone, I enjoy being able to talk to them and make random comments – but I find it a pain to have to take muffs off every time I want to do so.

With this pair, I like that you don't  have to take them off to talk to someone. This is a very convenient feature, especially if you have something else in your hand. 

What We Didn’t Like

You are going to sweat a lot in these if you wear them during the hot season. However, this is an issue for pretty much every ear muff set we reviewed. 

Buying Information

You can buy these from different sites on the Internet, but I suggest you do so from Amazon. As far as I’ve noticed, not only do they have the lowest prices, but they may also offer you free shipping.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs Review

That’s a big deal for me, considering I live far away from most stores that carry these items. Plus, I can use the shipping money for other purchases.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend you to purchase the Howard Leight Impact Sport ear muffs. They are very comfortable, fairly cheap and they block all the invasive sounds.

I’ve tested them for outdoor shooting, and they work like a charm, but I’m sure they could also be used in continuously noisy areas such as construction sites.

I hope my review was useful for you. I’ve had these ear muffs for quite some time now, and not once have I regretted my purchase.

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