Decibel Defense Professional Safety Ear Muffs Review

Decibel Defense Professional Safety Ear Muffs Review

Covering our ears with the palm of our hands isn’t enough – and it isn’t practical either. When you work with very loud tools all day, you need something that will keep your ears protected at all times – and not cause you any discomfort while doing so.

That’s why I am going to talk about the Professional Safety Ear Muffs from Decibel Defense. Should we invest in them or not?

About The Product

When we buy a set of earmuffs that we plan on wearing all day, the last thing we want is for our head to feel as if it is being crushed. 

If the headband is too tight, it will give us headaches all day; at the same time, if it’s too loose, we’ll be pulling at it continously, trying to prevent it from falling.

Decibel Defense Professional Safety Ear Muffs Review

This is why the Decibel Defense ear muffs are so convenient. They were made with comfort in mind, having heavily padded headbands with an anti-slip technology. Once placed on your head, they’ll stay that way.

Plus, while no hearing protection can completely attenuate sound, these will still cut off most of it. With a Noise Reduction Rating of 37 decibels, they have one of the highest ratings on the market.

While most ear muffs are more suitable for shooting ranges, these ear muffs are highly multifunctional.

You can indeed use them on the firing range, but you can also use them in a machine shop, construction work site or working around the house with loud equipment. They are foldable and lightweight which makes them easy to store. 

To make things simpler, here is a list of features that the Decibel Defense ear muffs provide:

  • Extra padded headband that provides ultimate comfort
  • Can reduce noises from 34 to 37 decibels
  • Electronic construction allows you to hear people easily while still blocking the harmful sounds
  • Can be adjusted for sound reception
Decibel Defense Professional Safety Ear Muffs Review

These ear muffs were designed to be comfortable and efficient, and can, therefore, be used by anyone, regardless of their activity.

The Results

I occasionally worked at my family's machine shop quite often surrounding myself with deafening noises all day.

Decibel Defense Professional Safety Ear Muffs Review

Production consisted of drilling, welding, machining, and other processes that made for a very loud environment. The noise would be coming from everywhere, and by the end of the day, I’d come home with headaches so horrible that I’d barely be able to sleep.

As a safety requirement, I used ear plugs, but since I would occasionally have to talk to people, they were highly inconvenient. This is one of the complaints from the employees. 

Eventually, I started looking for some high-quality ear muffs that would let me talk to people while having my ears covered – and I came across the Decibel Defense set. I have to say that I was highly impressed by the way they blocked every harmful sound.

Sure, I could still hear a bit, but it was so muffled, it was like it was happening miles away – not right next to me. And the best part was that I could still hear the other employees talking fairly well, without having to take the ear muffs off.

The sound protection is brilliant. They are a perfect fit – not too tight, but not too loose either. The padding is also super comfortable, so I have no problems keeping them on an entire day. Plus, when I get home, I’m headache-free.

What Other People Say

As far as I have seen and heard, a lot of people have the same opinion as I do. Most of them were either using them for shooting or working with loud tools.

Pretty much every one of them said that the noise was effectively attenuated, and they could work without feeling the pounding in their heads from loud noises. 

Some people did complain that they are too tight or that the foam is too hard, but here’s the kicker: these ear muffs are adjustable. If they’re too tight for you, you can loosen them.

As for the foam, I believe that’s up to individual preferences. I actually liked it that way and had no problem with it.

Other people also complained that they aren’t compatible with glasses. I wouldn’t know for sure since I don’t wear any; but for me, these provided the ultimate comfort.

What We Liked

I liked the fact that they are super comfy and that they do not slip. The padding helps a lot, and it even adds to the insulation – which is pretty much why it probably blocks the sounds so efficiently.

What We Didn’t Like

While it’s not necessarily a problem that has to do with the ear muffs, this one doesn’t have a jackhole for you to connect it to your MP3 player.

I enjoy listening to music while I work, and since I know that some ear muffs do have this feature, I was rather disappointed.

Buying Tips

There are many places online where you can buy these earphones, but the cheapest I can recommend is probably Amazon. They are usually under $30, and you probably can't beat this price anywhere – especially considering it has free shipping.

Decibel Defense Professional Safety Ear Muffs Review

Plus, Amazon releases coupon codes and discounts now and then, so you may get some good deals if you shop at the right time. I recommend stalking the product for two weeks or so, to see if the price changes.


Overall, I was very pleased with my purchase. The Decibel Defense ear muffs literally defend against any harmful sounds, and they are very comfortable as well.

They are great at attenuating the loudest of sounds, allowing you to do your activity in peace.

I had no problems wearing them all day at work. They do their job, and I can recommend them to anyone planning to bring some silence into their noisy lives.

Our Rating 

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